Cru Campriano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscan I.G.P.

Balance and taste

Campriano was acquired by the Mancini family in the early 1900s and today it is the heart of the company. It is the largest parcel, with the largest production, destined for the oil that is strongly representative of the company today.
Campriano is located in the hills at 500 meters above sea level, with southern exposure. It is characterized by very rocky soils, poor in water and limestone. The oil produced here embodies the typical fruity, bitter and spicy taste of Tuscan oil, bound by harmony and elegance and very rich in polyphenols.
The Campriano cru includes both centenary olive groves and younger olive groves, replanted in the 1990s after a catastrophic frost. There are also promiscuous plots of vines and olive trees. It is here that the Mancini family, at a crossroads (having to decide whether to convert everything to a vineyard or preserve the traditional conformation) decided to keep the olive groves, continuing to invest in the typical and high-quality production of EVO oil.
In the Campriano cru we find 4 cultivars in a blend: Frantoio – in the majority, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino.
The harvest takes place throughout the month of October and early November. The different ripening moments for the different varieties make this oil complex and balanced. On the nose there are intense notes of green fruit, lettuce, herbs and green almond; in the mouth it is dense, medium-bitter with a pleasant sensation of spiciness.
A versatile oil that adapts to many dishes, enriching them with a few drops of oil.
Excellent also used in the kitchen in the preparation of sauces, condiments and desserts.

Varieties: Frantoio 70%, Moraiolo 15%, Leccino 10%, Pendolino 5%
Harvest period: October – early November
Appearance: Filtered
Density: Medium fluidity
Fruitiness: Medium
Bitterness: Medium
Spiciness: Medium