Cru San Polo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The soft taste of the past

It is a small production of EVO oil from the centuries-old olive groves belonging to the oldest parcel of the Mancini family property, exactly where its olive oil business was born in 1850.

In these centuries-old olive groves, located at 300 meters above sea level, there are mainly the Moraiolo varieties with a smaller quantity of Frantoio and Leccino.

The olive grove is located in the San Polo “Chiusa” – a wall-enclosed area. In this area the cultivation was already widespread at the time of the Etruscans but the term “Chiusa” certainly traces back to the year 1000 when on the local hills the olive tree cultivation took place near town, within plots of land protected by walls. The remains of the walls are still clearly visible even if they are considerably damaged.

This is an oil with a soft and delicate taste that recalls the traditional taste of the past.

The harvest takes place in mid-November when the Moraiolo olives are slightly ripe and give the oil fruity notes of ripe olive, a delicate spiciness and a slight bitter note.

A delicate oil, for palates that love sweetness and fruit. Ideal for seasoning raw or cooked fish and shellfish. Excellent. Ideal on raw mushrooms, fresh cheese and to prepare mayonnaise and baked dishes.

Varieties: Moraiolo 70%, Frantoio 15%, Leccino 15%
Harvest period: November
Appearance: Unfiltered
Density: Medium fluidity
Fruitiness: Intense
Bitterness: Light
Spiciness: Light