Quality without compromise 1

With the aim of maintaining and obtaining the best quality for its oil, since 2000 the company has made numerous planting and production choices:

– The olive harvest takes place from the beginning of October until mid-November. The harvest, in fact, begins when the olives are still very green, based on a careful analysis of the ripening stage of the olive. This choice allows for an oil with a high content of polyphenols and very low acidity.
– The pressing of the olives is carried out within 24 hours of harvesting
– The extraction is carried out cold using the continuous cycle technique
– The oil is stored in a temperature-controlled environment without oxygen
– All the olive trees have been registered with the TUSCAN IGP OIL Consortium, in order to be part of a controlled and certified quality production specification
– All organic production is certified

Quality without compromise 2

All this involves much effort, since it functions in a global and intensive production system in which quantity is often favored to the detriment of quality, the environment and traditional taste.
The production of Buccia Nera EVO oil still remains a small production that is carefully followed from plant to table, with a preference for high quality and low production yields.
In order to enhance the productions from the three distinct parcels where the olive groves are located, the company has decided to keep the three productions separate and distinct, creating three company Crus: Cru San Polo, Cru Campriano, Cru Muciafora.