Cellar 1


The new cellar, built between 2002 and 2004, is a modern and functional structure, where tradition and innovation can co-exist. Indeed, it is equipped with modern machinary for grape processing and marc pressing. Controlled-temperature stainless steel tanks have been chosen as well as a nitrogen filling system used in the vinification and storage phases.

Cellar 2

The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations are induced spontaneously using exclusively native yeasts and with the sole help of temperature and the “pied de cuvée”. The use of native yeasts gives the wine character and uniqueness.

Cellar 3

In line with the winery’s sustainability philosophy, the cellar is equipped with a photovoltaic plant that produces the all the electricity necessary for production.

Cellar 4

Only a few, selected red wine lots, destined for aging, are matured  in 30 hl French oak barrels.

Cellar 5

In the cellar there is also an area dedicated to the production of Vin Santo, located on the first floor, under the roof, where the small wooden casks benefit from the thermal excursions  between winter and summer and where it remains for 5 years before being tasted.